What wine and child geniuses have in common

What wine and child geniuses have in common

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Once, there was a winemaker who compared making wine to raising a child…

Asaf Margalit, the winemaker at Margalit—one of Israel's finest boutique wineries—stood in front of the fermentation tank and declared,
“It’s not hard to recognize a child who’s a five-year-old genius. The challenge is guiding and instructing that child so he actually expresses himself as a genius as he grows. Wine is the same... my job is just to guide it to express itself.”

A good winemaker knows that amazing wine doesn't come from a lot of manipulation of variables. Rather, a wine’s genius is shown by letting the grapes express themselves and by guiding them to develop and ferment in the perfect timing. 

At Israeli Good Wine, we partner with winemakers who are passionate about letting each wine express its own “genius.” Many of our winemakers use little or no additives so that the wines can be as pure as possible.

Just like we’re all wowed when we meet a child prodigy, so we’re finding people are wowed when they try these exquisite wines.

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