About Us: How we started our company, Israeli Good Wine

Once upon an adventure...…

We were five friends who thought we were in Israel to take a vacation.

In reality, each one of us responded to an invitation for an adventure much bigger than we could have imagined. Because of our passion for wine, we went in search of the best vineyards in Israel.

We were blown away with the quality and uniqueness of the wine we tasted and realized we wanted to share it with our friends back home. The challenge was, wine from Israel isn’t easy to find in the United States. So, we made it our mission to change that.

In May 2019, we launched Israeli Good Wine, a club that that brings amazing wines from the land of Israel to your door in time for your next gathering around the table.

Let my table be an altar for all people. Strangers. Friends. Family.

Tiffini Kilgore

Five friends. Five founders.

Kevin of Israeli Good Wine



Daniel of Israeli Good Wine


Business Development

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Member Experience

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How we work

Step 1

The Exploration

Each year, we spend time in Israel to source wine directly from local winemakers.

Step 2

The Export

We work with winemakers and importers to bring only the finest wines from the land of Israel to the USA.

Step 3

The Curation

After we secure the wine, our Sommeliers help us curate each box to perfectly reflect the quality and terroir of Israel.

Step 4

The Delivery

Every 3 months, we ship your box of curated wines straight to your doorstep. We also have people who order their wine on-demand through our retail store.

Step 5

The Enjoyment

L'Chaim! It's time to pop a cork, enjoy your wine, and share it around the table!

We’re thankful to say that some or all of our team is in Israel on a regular basis scouting for new and interesting wines, building relationship with the vineyard and winery owners, and dreaming about what the future holds for Israel, you, and me.

Here’s a few fun facts about us:

Total Number of Countries Visited (Cumulative)

112 countries

(an average of 22.5 countries per person!)

Number of Times We’ve Been to Israel (Cumulative):


Estimated Number of Hours Spent on a Plane (Cumulative):

3,350 hours

(That’s 139.5 days or over 4.65 months of travel!)