VIDEO: At the Table with the Alfasi Family of Odem Mountain Winery

VIDEO: At the Table with the Alfasi Family of Odem Mountain Winery

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If you’ve been around us for any length of time, then you’ve likely heard us talk about “the table” an inordinate amount. It’s our heart beat and it’s the perfect forum for wine!

When we started Israeli Good Wine back in 2017, it was important to us to build a company that didn’t just put wine in a box and ship it to our members and customers. Rather, we knew we wanted to be an “experience based” company. If you can’t make it to Israel (and even if you can), we were bound and determined to bring Israel to you… and we still are.

This goal of creating experiences and inviting people to the table—practically, figuratively, and virtually—is still our primary aim. This is why we spend the time and resource to create member content exclusively for you, our beloved members, and invite you into experiences that go beyond your glass.

This video we’re sharing this quarter as your Member Feature, isn’t just a video. It’s an invitation to the table.


Say hello to the Alfasi Family — founders and purveyors of Odem Mountain Winery in Israel. Their vineyards sit 1,060 feet high, at the northernmost point of Israel and their quality is outstanding. Each wine features hand-harvested and bunch-sorted grapes. But beyond even just the quality and flavor of their wine, their love of family, love of people, and love for wine shines through.

When Daniel and Alana first went to Odem Mountain Winery in 2018 on our company’s first official scouting trip since inception, they were invited into an upper room by winemaker Adam Alfasi, and his (founder) father, Michael Alfasi. That was the moment the Alfasis became like family, because they welcomed us—two owners from our tiny company, not yet able to sell any wine to Americans—to the table and shared with us like we were old friends. When the Elliotts came back to the States, I had to endure an entire year of hearing them rave about Odem Mountain Winery and the Alfasi family. It wasn’t until I went in 2019 that I saw for myself what the hype was all about.

The “Alfasi hype” we feel isn’t just because of the incredible wine they make at Odem Mountain Winery (and we do mean incredible… their wine is consistently great, no matter which bottle you pick). But, it’s also their authenticity that we love and admire.

This Member Feature is a little bit different than others you’ve seen from us. This is a 21 minute video, because you’re seeing the perspective like a “fly on a wall” of what it’s like when we sit down in Israel with the winemakers and their families who make the wines you love.

I hope you’ll watch this whole video (and have a glass of Odem wine while you’re at it!). This particular one emphasizes the heart behind the winery at Odem Mountain in the Golan Heights in Israel, their philosophy on family and business, why they do what they do, and most of all: their heart for family and their land.

Truth be told, this is the only wine tasting I’ve ever cried at… and I’ve been to hundreds of tastings in my life/career. I cried because the heart of the father in Michael Alfasi is so strong. For this family, it isn’t just about making great wine. It’s about leaving something for the third generation.

And it’s because of people like you, our Members who love Odem Mountain wines, that the Alfasis can do what they do and leave something for their children’s children.

For that we thank you and we hope you enjoy this Member Feature of Odem Mountain Winery and the Alfasi Family.


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