VIDEO: The Tishbi Family Legacy

VIDEO: The Tishbi Family Legacy

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There are many ways to run a winery and many ways to produce wine, but to intentionally do it through generations of family is rare.

We want to introduce you to the Tishbi family—a family that has been working in wine in Israel since almost the moment their forefathers set foot in Israel in 1882. 

As part of the first families who made aliyah (the Hebrew word for immigrating) to Israel, the Tishbi family has been growing grapes for wine for 5 generations. Now, not only do they grow excellent grapes, but for over 30 years the whole family has been involved in their family winery. And by family, we mean everyone.

The winery was founded by parents, Jonathan and Nili, in 1984 with their three children: Golan, Oshra, and Michael. Jonathan had gained experience in making wine by working at one of the largest wineries in Israel. With a vision of their family coming together to make wine that tells their story, the Tishbi Estate Winery was one of the first boutique wineries in Israel that would encourage a movement of small, quality wineries in the decades that followed.

Golan Tishbi is the Winemaker and Vice President. His sister Oshra Tishbi is the head of Business Development, Export Manager, and the visionary behind the Boulangerie, the restaurant, and jams and jellies she makes herself. Their  brother Michael is involved behind-the-scenes in the business. Over the years the winery grew, and now, also all of the grandchildren and spouses are also involved.

It is one of the greatest honors we have to know the Tishbi family and to share their story with you. If ever there is a family that is committed to warmth and hospitality, it is the Tishbis. We hope you enjoy this video with Oshra and Golan. And even more so, we hope you get to meet them in person when you join us next October on our 2023 Wine and Culinary tour!

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