VIDEO: Behind the Featured Wine - Shiloh Legend Honi

VIDEO: Behind the Featured Wine - Shiloh Legend Honi

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What would make a a story so great that a Jewish winemaker would choose to name a wine blend after a man? Who is Honi and why haven't we heard of him?


This quarter, our featured wine is "Legend: Honi" from Shiloh Winery. We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the ancient legend of Honi HaMe'agel—"Honi the Circlemaker"—recorded in the Jewish Talmud and the beautiful red wine blend from Shiloh Winery named after him.

This is a member exclusive wine, available only to our Israeli Good Wine members. We wanted to share not only the story of Honi with you (Part I), but also the story of Amichai Lourie, head winemaker at Shiloh Winery in Israel, and why he chose "Legend: Honi" as the name for his beautiful wine (Part II).

“More than ever, [this wine] is to show our respect to tradition and faith. You know, I wanted to make something more elegant and these grapes actually gave me the wine [Honi] that I wanted to make.” -Amichai Lourie, winemaker at Shiloh Winery

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