Featured Business: Ten Boom Coffee and Agrocafe Israel

Featured Business: Ten Boom Coffee and Agrocafe Israel

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The world of "loving Israel" is a relatively small community and we here at Israeli Good Wine are fortunate to be surrounded by many other businesses that have links to loving and supporting Israel. Like we have done in past years, for you, our Members, we are giving a gift this quarter that is connected to Israel, but isn't wine. 😉

We've planned this gift for months and the timing of it could not have come at a more Providential time. We have the privilege of partnering with Ten Boom Coffee in Nashville, Tennessee to bring you a special roast with ties to Israel. Ten Boom Coffee has been working alongside our friends at Agrocafe in Israel to "Brew Good" in honor of the legacy of Corrie Ten Boom and her family, friends to the Jewish people during the Holocaust.

David and Jesse Peters started Ten Boom Coffee to "provide specialty coffee that is ethically sourced and represents goodness all the way from the farm, to your very cup."

They are partnered with our good friends in Israel, Agrocafe Israel. (Really, we randomly met the founder Hanan one day in 2019 looking for a bathroom in Israel. We became fast friends and were able to introduce Ten Boom Coffee to him about two years later, which has led to a successful collaboration. You can look for more on that story in future days!).

Agrocafe, has had a mission to increase the harvest of coffee growers around the world. Through implementing special drip irrigation and nutrition technology and then reinvesting in the coffee growers, Agrocafe has seen in increase of 60% on average. Ten Boom Coffee is part of this life changing process here in the States that also helps increases the quality of the bean and allows the growers to sell the coffee at 40% above market average and increase their income and lives immensely.

By drinking a cup of Ten Boom Coffee, you are part of something good going on around the world. This is why we chose Ten Boom Coffee as our Member gift for this year.

Corrie Ten Boom

During this difficult time for Israel, we feel that remembering why Israel has a right to exist is important, and to remember how Israel was born, on the tails of the Holocaust. The woman that Corrie Ten Boom was and how she lived her life is an important example of how standing up for life matters. We love how Ten Boom Coffee and Agrocafe are bringing the legacy of the Ten Boom family forward through Jew and Gentile working together, even in something as simple, yet delicious, as coffee.

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