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Select a 6-bottle box or a 12-bottle case. Then decide if you’d rather hand-selected red wines (both single varietals and blends), or opt for the curated selection of “mixed” wines including reds, whites, (and in the summer, rosé!). Both provide a balanced view of the beautiful terroir of Israel.


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Our team of sommeliers and wine experts source an exceptional array of small batch, boutique and familiar wines directly from vineyards in Israel, some of which you won’t find in local stores.


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Every three months, you receive your hand-packaged Israeli wine delivered right to your doorstep. Invite your friends and family for dinner to celebrate Shabbat or just about any other excuse to pop a cork! Each box features tasting cards and access to the story behind a specially highlighted wine and its makers.

Discover the beauty of Israeli Wine

In recent decades, Israel has captured the attention of the globe. It’s not simply due to the political or religious debates. Rather, there is something special about the land that speaks to hearts and connects us all.

The land of Israel has been around for thousands of years, boasts a rich history, and is the birthplace of three of the world’s major religions. Since 1948, when the State of Israel was established, many Jews have resettled and rooted in the land. Among the feats of modern Israel, the nation boasts hundreds of wineries across its borders. The modern Israeli wine movement has been traced to pioneers in Israeli viticulture, but the original winemakers in the region go back thousands of years to biblical times.

For over 20 years, young farmers have increasingly heard the call to come, resettle the land, and plant in the ground promised to their forefather, Abraham. Because of the distinctly Mediterranean climate resulting in hot days and cool nights and the diversity in landscape, the nation of Israel is prime real estate for the production of some of the finest wines in the world with the region winning numerous awards in recent years from Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, and Wine Enthusiast.

Israeli wine has certainly made its mark on the global wine community, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to come by around the world. Save Jerusalem, parts of New York, and occasionally stumbling upon a boutique gift shop in Utah, wines from Israel aren’t readily found in the U.S. We mean to change that. Our hope is that wine from the various regions in Israel not only receive the recognition they deserve for their quality, but that Jews and Gentiles across America can easily gather around the table to embrace Israeli wine as modern-day Israelis do.

Each winery we partner with is founded or run by pioneering Israelis who are giving all that they have to bring the land of Israel back to life. Farmers are the foundation and roots of the country and these men and women are settling the land and cultivating the future. When you join one of our clubs, you’re not just receiving great wine, you’re taking part in the pioneer effort and supporting the land of Israel.

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"We love supporting Israel by buying and drinking Israeli wine! Now we can enjoy the world's best wine direct from the Promised Land!"

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"I ordered the Shabbat Box and loved both vintages. It's some of the best wine I've had!"

Cody M.

"Israeli Good Wine has not disappointed! I am very happy!"

Rachel M.

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