VIDEO: Beyond the Vine - Carignan the Grape Varietal

VIDEO: Beyond the Vine - Carignan the Grape Varietal

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The featured Member-only wine this summer quarter is the elegant Jezreel Valley Carignan 2017 and many of our Members are familiar with one of our flagship wines, Beit El Carignan. But what exactly is Carignan?

In this feature, take a look at what makes this Mediterranean grape varietal so unique and why Israel is showing off through their winemaking. Learn the basics behind growing grapes, the history of Carignan as a varietal, and some of the wines from Israel featuring Carignan that are beautiful and expressive of the land.

Want to explore the wines we mention? Here are just a few:

  • Jezreel Valley Carignan 2017*
  • Beit El Carignan 2019
  • Jezreel Valley Argaman 2016

  • *This is an Israeli Good Wine Member Exclusive and is only available in your summer subscription box as stock is limited. Inquire with us about availability to reorder or to try a 2018 vintage.

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