VIDEO: Behind the Featured Wine - Jezreel Valley Argaman

VIDEO: Behind the Featured Wine - Jezreel Valley Argaman

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Like a gift wrapped in blue and white tissue paper, the Argaman wine from Jezreel Valley is one of the Member Only featured wines! Here's a peek at what's inside the bottle…

A few weeks ago, we stopped by Jezreel Valley Winery in Galilee during our 40 day marathon trip of Israel. While we were there we sat down with Jacob Ner David, the co-founder of Jezreel Valley.

We fell in love with Argaman and knew you'd love it too. We asked Jacob to share a little bit about why this wine is so special.

Take a listen to the story behind your featured wine…

“If you taste Argaman, it’s a very deep experience. You really feel like you’re tasting the land of Israel. It really roots you; very distinctive… not only coloring, but bouquet and most importantly, taste… It’s the Holy Land in a glass.” -Jacob Ner David

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