Does "ancient world wine" ring a bell?!

Does "ancient world wine" ring a bell?!

Admin - Israeli Good Wine

Everyone knows “old world” wines. You might have tried some “new world” wines. But have you had “ancient world” wines?!

The history of Israel isn’t just a story about Kings, Prophets, and men and women of antiquity. It’s a story of faith, passion, and struggle.  Faith, passion, and struggle has been the story of Israel for centuries and it’s the story of modern day Israel and its pioneering winemakers. 

Not only are the wine regions of Israel diverse for such a small country, but they’re full of history. These aren't just new or old world wines; these are grapes grown in landscapes that stem directly from the pages of history books and scripture.

Here are just a few of the interesting stories behind wines we carry (or are planning to carry soon!):


  • Ella Valley Winery is near the place where David killed Goliath.
  • Beit El Winery is in the neighborhood of where Jacob encountered God in a dream and the ladder ascended and descended from Heaven.
  • Carmel Winery is from the place where Elijah called down fire from Heaven.
  • Har Brakha Winery is a stone’s throw away from Elon More, the mountain where God told Abraham to look and survey the land—whatever he saw, God would give him.

    When you taste wine from the land of Israel, you’re literally partnering with promises that are generations old and still in effect today. It’s an ancient land of Promise and the wine reflects the beautiful history of the land, its people, and its God.

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